Being yourself…

Hey guys! I know, I know, it’s been 100+ days since my last post. I’m terrible. No wonder I don’t have a popular blog. But I’m back, and hopefully I will be around a lot more in the coming days. After all, I don’t have much of a life right now. 

My title may confuse you, because clearly I haven’t started this post out talking about anything that has to do with being yourself. But I’m getting to that in just a second, don’t worry. First, I want to tell you a little story about a girl. 

This girl, has moved every two or three years of her life. Which is a totally unknown concept to some, and very familiar concept to many. She has grown up in an amazing home with a wonderful family. She has lived in some wonderful beautiful places. But sometimes, she just doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. Can’t she just be someone new each time she moves? Maybe, but that doesn’t feel right. In fact, that’s worse than just being herself all the time. 

Anyway, that girl is me, and I have been struggling with this whole “be yourself” thing a lot for the last few years. I know for a fact that I am different than anyone else. I’m weird, and crazy, and maybe sometimes funny, and pretty sarcastic, there are a ton of things that I could list about myself. But the more I think about my own characteristics and the things that I enjoy, the more I feel like an outcast. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some of my closest friends insult the way that I dress or act, before. That has happened multiple times actually, and it made me feel horrible. It still does sometimes. 

Maybe it’s because of the way that the press makes it seem like you have to be absolutely perfect, or else no life for you. I’ve always hated the way that the press works. They make everyone seem perfect, and then suddenly the human that you have put so much pressure on to be perfect makes ONE mistake and all of a sudden the press turns around and says some mean nasty things about the human, and completely rips them apart. Do you think they see all of that? Most likely. And it probably makes them feel terrible. 

Where that fits in to my main topic, I don’t know. I just had to rant. Interpret it however you would like, to make it fit to the topic. Anyway, I currently don’t have any local friends. I haven’t for a little over a year. (UPDATE: I have found a group through some people at my church, and I am thanking God for them every day. They have been the most welcoming group I’ve met in a while)! That feels not great. But jumping into a new place trying to make new friends doesn’t feel great at all, either. When we were all younger kids, clicking with someone was the easiest thing in the world. Once you hit the age of, I don’t know, say, ten? Things get a little harder. And then each year after that it gets even harder. People are judge-y. People can’t stand it when you are a little bit weird, or you are a bit different than them. They just don’t like it. 


But guess what? Being yourself actually feels really good. You may have a better chance of clicking with someone if you be yourself. Who wants to pretend to be someone that they aren’t, and then end up with a group of friends that pressures you into doing all these things that you don’t enjoy? That’s horrible, trust me, I would know. I ended up with this group of friends at one point in my life, that enjoyed all these things that I don’t truthfully didn’t really enjoy. They took my personality and flipped it upside down. Suddenly I wasn’t the confident, talkative, bubbly person that I know I used to be. I became quiet, and I would hardly say a word around anyone in that friend group. I would just sit. No one would take the time to listen to my stories, or my input, so why should I even bother? I’m became less confident, because they enjoyed insulting each other and disguising it as a joke. It happened to me several times. And a bubbly personality goes away pretty quick when you lose the talkative and confident girl. 
To be continued, because it is currently 2:35am, and I am feeling quite tired. 

I just found this post while going through my drafts, and I have decided to publish it. I know it seems a little unfinished, but I hope it still makes sense. I may come back to this topic at some point. I hope you all enjoy it!


My First Review!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted! But I am back, and I hope to be better at posting. I have lots of different products and things that I am going to review for you! But for today, I have four different products that I am going to compare and review.

The products that I have for today, are all long lasting lip colors.
Some are high-end, and some are drugstore. Most of them, I didn’t get the chance to wear all day, but I was able to for around 9 hours each, so I will be showing you a series of pictures that I took through out each day, and give you my input.

The products I tested are:
L’OREAL infallible 24hr Lip colour in the color, thistle 500
LORAC Lip Luxe 8hr Lip color in the color, Bordeaux 1490
Covergirl outlast all day lipcolor in the color, dusty rose 530
Too Faced Melted, Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in the color, Melted Marshmallow

The first one I will show you, is the L’OREAL Lip colour.

Product Overview
Packaging: This one is very convenient for carrying with you anywhere you want to go.

Price: Around $10.00
Included: The lip color and conditioning balm.


Immediately after application

IMG_2412 Right after I applied, both the color, and the conditioning balm to my lips (Which can be applied through out your day, to keep the color looking fresh, and lips hydrated). It is a very easy application process. It applies like a lipgloss. The color is bright, and it goes on very smooth. You will want to wait around 2 minutes for it to dry (and during that time, it will feel very sticky, and make your lips stick together), before you apply the balm.

Approx. 3 hours after application

I had dinner, and was able to drink through a straw without and color coming off onto the straw. I did re-apply the balm, and a little bit of color came off on the stick, as I put it on, but the color still looked nice and bright, and it wasn’t feeling clumpy or uncomfortable on my lips.

Approx. 7 hours after application

I had a snack, brushed my teeth, and gotten all ready for bed. I didn’t re-apply the balm this time, and the color was still very bright. It had gotten a little bit clumpy around the inside of my lips, but it stayed on and still looked good.

And just for the fun of it, the next morning

With this one, I did decide to wear it over night, and see how it looked in the morning. I didn’t try it again, because it definitely did come off some, and ended up in my mouth and teeth when I woke up. I put on the balm again, but that didn’t make it look better. But it was, definitely still there!

Overall Opinion
I definitely liked this product. It did work, but I wouldn’t recommend using it for longer than around, say, 9hrs. You should definitely re-apply the balm through out your day, as it does make your lips look a bit dry, if you don’t. Removing it was easy, I just used a makeup removal wipe, but if you do have any trouble, put a bit of olive oil on it, wipe that off, and it should come right off!
Definitely would recommend!

The next product is, the LORAC Lip Luxe!

Product Overview
Packaging: Just like most lipstick tube, maybe a bit smaller.

Price: $16.00
Included: The tube of lip color.


Immediately after application

I will admit, I definitely did not expect this color to be so berry toned. But I do like the color! It was really easy to apply. It applies just like a lipstick. The pigmentation is great! And it felt really natural on my lips.

Approx. 3hrs after application

I had lunch, and a drink with a straw. It did come off a bit on the straw, and it did fade a tiny bit, but it still looks bright and nice! It wasn’t drying my lips out, and it still felt smooth and natural on my lips.

Approx. 8hrs after application

I had dinner and a drink, and again it came off onto my straw a bit. It has definitely faded some more, mainly towards the inside of my lips. But again, the color is still there, and it lasted as long as they claim!

Overall Opinion
I did keep it on for the rest of the day, and it looked just like it did at the 8hr mark. I was very impressed! I really like this one, and I have used it again since I tested it out. This one is a bit on the pricey side of things, and the color choices are very limited, which is a bummer.
But this one does get two thumbs up from me, would recommend!!

Next, Covergirl outlast all-day lipcolor!

Product Overview
Packaging: Lip color and balm.

Price: Anywhere from $7.00-$10.00
Included: One tube of lip color, and one tube of conditioning balm.


Immediately after application

The pigmentation is great. It went on smooth. You apply it like a lipgloss, and again, before you apply, the balm, you should wait around 2 minutes.

Approx. 3hrs after application

IMG_2417 I re-applied the balm. Still going strong. I ate some lunch, and it doesn’t look any different than it did when I applied it.

Approx. 7hrs after application

It wasn’t quite as bright as when I first applied, but it has definitely lasted for a long time. I ate dinner, and a snack, and it still has color. Again, it did start peeling, just a little bit.

Overall Opinion
I really liked this one. The color was really great, and it did last really well. Like I said though, it does peel a bit, later on, after eating and doing other things. But it doesn’t leave anything on your straw when you drink. So, I would definitely recommend this one!

And last, but not least, Too Faced Melted, Liquified long wear lipstick

Product Overview
Packaging: Tube of liquified lipstick.

Price: $21.00
Included: The tube, with a sponge lip gloss style tip.


Immediately after application

Great pigmentation, good scent. It goes on really smooth! I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy the tip, but it actually really great for application.

And, unfortunately with this lipstick, there was no after picture.

Product Overview
I ate not too long after applying, and all of it came off. So for $21, it isn’t very good when you are talking about something that is supposed to be long wearing. Now, as a lipstick, it is extremely great. It has a great color, and feels really nice. So, my opinion is, that as a long lasting item, I wouldn’t recommend. BUT, if you want just a regular lipstick, or you have a primer or seal to put on it, then it is SUPER good, and I would definitely recommend it!

So, overall, they were all great products. My favorite one, has to be LORAC’s lip luxe. It stayed on, and felt great. It did exactly what it said it would, unlike the other products. It actually did even better than it said!

I hope that this is helpful, or at least entertaining. I’d love to get some feedback! What do you think of this review? Are there any products or items you would like for me to review? Would you watch video reviews, if I made those? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you! I’ll also include some links below, so that you can contact me different ways, and keep up with what I am doing!
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Thank you for taking the time to read this! You guys are awesome 🙂

Till next time,

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Okay, so I am in such a mood to write. No idea what to write about. I need to sleep really, but I just don’t want to. But you guys won’t see this until waay after I actually do go to sleep. Which is good I think.

I don’t really have anyone to talk to right, now, no one seems to be awake or answering my messages. And when I say no one, I really only mean one person. Because I only really talk to one person constantly. With everyone else, I’m the one that is asleep or doesn’t ever answer.

So yeah, I’m just sitting here typing meaningless words, because I don’t really know what else to do. I am writing a book, but at the moment, my brain just doesn’t feel like writing that type of thing. I just feel like writing random things. Things that really don’t mean much to anyone, but that are constantly or currently on my mind.

I AM GOING TO POST MY NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS, TRUST ME. I just have to get it edited. And then it will be up. Guaranteed. But, while you are waiting for that, don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube video. Just go to my last blog post, or scroll to the bottom of this one, and you will find a link. Click that link. It’ll take you to my YouTube video, and you should try and enjoy it. Thank you.

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My YouTube Video is Here!

Hello to all of you who read my blog! And welcome to those of you who have just found my blog for the very first time!

I told you, that I would indeed have a YouTube video up for you all to see very soon, and as the title of this post says, it is now here! I will put the link down below for you all to click on if you are interested in watching my video!

It is a video about all of my favorite things. And, I haven’t been great at posting new videos. Because it has already been over a week since I posted the one you are about to click on. But don’t fret! I will have more videos for your entertainment very very soon, I promise! And, I do not break promises.

Alright, click this link, and watch this video. Then be sure to subscribe to me, so that you will see every video I ever post, as soon as it is up. Then, after that, check out all my other social networks, and then come back here, and give me ideas for more videos! WOOOO CLICK AWAY
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Thank you for watching, and reading this post 🙂


So this blog post is just going to be a bunch of rambling. So if you don’t care stop reading now! But if you do, or are just curious or whatever, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Lately (and by lately, I really mean the past several months), I have been dealing with panic attacks and stressing over a lot of stuff that is going on in my life, which I will discuss with all of you later on, and it’s just been a very hard few months.

Between stress, panicking, and moving, I have just not been a happy person at all. And I hate it. I’m not normally an emotional person, but in the last few months I have cried more than ever, and been angry at the stupidest things, and it’s just been interesting, to say the least.

BUT on the bright side, I have been trying to figure out some ways to cope with these things, and make them less stressful. One of which will be me starting up my YouTube channel (YET AGAIN), and actually posting videos weekly, and trying new types of videos, just to figure out what works best for helping me relax and chill, and hopefully be able to find some other people that are dealing with the same things as I am.

I’ve actually really been studying up on what makes a good YouTube video, and finding good editors, and figuring out my camera, to try and make my videos, something that people would actually be alright with watching. The first video I am going to try out, is just going to be me discussing my day, and what is going on in my life, and talking about the panic attacks and the stress, and really just introducing myself, most likely with a long and ramble-y video.

I WILL add a new blog post WITH the link for the video in it as soon as I have that posted. So, I hope you all will enjoy it. It is going to be a way for me to discuss how I am feeling, and what I am going through, and coming up with new ideas for videos, and trying to put all the things that make me happy, into lots of videos.

My ideas for my YouTube so far, are pretty much your typical; vlogs, makeup tutorials, reviews of all sorts of products, books, movies, and music, as well as lots of discussion videos, and maybe a few challenges and random silly videos mixed in there.

So those are my general ideas so far, I definitely want to work really hard at this and keep it going this time. Thank you for taking the time to read all this, I hope you check out my YouTube channel as I work on it and get it going! Let me know about any ideas you have, I’m open to suggestions. And I will let you know once my video is posted!

Katyana 🙂

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Would you all be interested if I started reviewing books, music, movies, and possibly makeup products, and I wrote articles about it for my blog?

Would that be something that would interest you?

I honestly don’t even know how many people read my blog anymore. But I will be posting everything that I put on here, on my Pinterest, and on my Twitter as well.

I will try this out for the next few weeks, and see what kind of response I get, and if it is good, I will continue to post reviews. Also, feel free to recommend different things from each of the topics I mentioned, for me to review!